Barry Haslam – W-BAD Chair, Founder – United Kingdom

Barry is a qualified Accountancy Technician and has worked for Chartered Accountancy Practices, Manchester University, and self-employed Accountant.  Whilst working for his final exams (passed with distinction) and holding 2 jobs down and bringing up a young family, he had a complete breakdown and was prescribed benzodiazepine drugs.

After withdrawing completely in March 1986, Barry began to research his acquired problems (permanent brain damage, neuropathic pain, fatigue, chronic daily headaches and others) from these drugs for his own peace of mind and in order to help others.  He was Chair of Oldham Tranx, a peer support group founded in 1989.

He was instrumental in setting up (2004), the only UK National Health Service dedicated prescribed benzodiazepine withdrawal services in the town of Oldham, which is still currently providing this much needed and vital service.  In 2007, Barry received the “Man of Oldham” award for his campaigning efforts at a public ceremony.

He has given oral evidence to the Health Select Committee, House of Commons, London and has been a panelist and speaker in the House of Commons. He has also presented a “Benzodiazepine European Prescribed Drug Report” to the EU at Brussels. Barry and his wife Sue, have run a voluntary telephone advice service from their own home for the past 30 years in order to help others and pass on their shared experiences. He has campaigned vigorously with MP’s and Ministers for Public Health and the British Medical Association, in order that this ‘Medical disaster’ be publicly acknowledged and acted upon, by the government and their Agencies.

Barry has been interviewed live regarding his 30 year campaigning efforts on BBC TV and Radio, 5 Live TV,  and ITV and SKY TV.

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