Camp W-BAD is a (typically) outdoor support group activity idea that anyone from anywhere can organize and attend at any time of the year. It can be invitation-only among friends or open to anyone affected by BWS somehow who can travel and would like to attend. Its purpose is to bring benzo friends together for unity and camaraderie. Depending on the location, you and your friends/family/supporters can enjoy swimming, relaxing, roasting marshmallows, grilling food/picnicking, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, disc-golfing, wildlife watching, photography, fishing, rock climbing, live entertainment/music and much more.

Because benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome is so severe, W-BAD is not urging anyone to participate in these activities if they are not able to.

Visit this page to see open-invitation Camp W-BAD events.
Visit this page for ideas on how to spread awareness if you will be doing so.
Invitation-only Camp W-BAD events will not be listed. Instead, plan these events with your trusted friends and family.

Location ideas to host a Camp W-BAD support group event include:

  • Campgrounds
  • Cabins
  • RV parks
  • Bed-and-Breakfast resorts
  • Beaches and shores

W-BAD tech team member Landy writes about the idea of Camp W-BAD:

I’ve always found a lot of happiness in nature, and especially more these days. Doing something like this is always peaceful and therapeutic to me. A W-BAD theme gives me an extra opportunity to spend more time with my closest friends I’ve met in the groups, some who live further away.

You don’t even have to go “camping,” necessarily – you can rent campgrounds or a couple of cabins, or even a bed-and-breakfast. Just find a place to stay and get creative with what to do, hang out and have a good time. Celebrate drug freedom. That’s the idea – to relax and spend time with your comrades, friends, family and supporters, provided they are well enough to attend.

Landy plans to host a Camp W-BAD in Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Ohio (invitation-only) event annually.

Photo: Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

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Camp W-BAD Events Privacy and Disclaimer

If privacy is a concern, you may wish to host an invitation-only event which will not be listed on the website.

Drugs and/or alcohol is not allowed at a Camp W-BAD event.

Keep in mind that many who are very sick in withdrawal may not be able to travel. Plan and attend such events at your own risk.

This page only exists as a source for ideas for your W-BAD themed camping trips and travel.