There are two benzodiazepine-related initiatives that anyone, regardless of location, can complete:

1. Anyone can submit their testimony to support the bills which are currently pending hearing in the House and Senate in Massachusetts

Submit your testimony ASAP, as the bills are scheduled for hearing in September 2017.

You do not need to live in Massachusetts to send in your story. You can send your story from anywhere in the U.S. and internationally, there are no restrictions. Click the teal box below for instructions on how to submit your testimony.

Instructions for Submitting Your Testimony

Instructions on how to participate:

Submit Testimony: Email your or your loved one’s personal story of benzodiazepine harm to Attorney Garrett Burns at Your testimony will be presented as evidence to the Joint Committee.

Please include the following information in your email:

Full Name

Town and State (if you live within the U.S.)

Country (if you live outside of the U.S.)

Use “Bill H.3594” as the subject line

If you are writing from outside of Massachusetts, include how this bill will affect your state/country. For example, if this bill passes in Massachusetts, you are hoping a similar bill will pass in your own state/country.

Your testimony should be addressed: Dear Chairs and Members of the Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Key points to focus on in your testimony:

Focus on the symptoms you were originally prescribed for, what you were prescribed, how long you were on the drug or drugs and the impacts they had on your/your loved one’s life. Finish with how this legislation could have changed your situation.

Unless you are a medical or mental specialist, it is not important to focus on things like what benzodiazepines are or how they work: we want to avoid redundancy. Avoid spending time on the theoretical and stick to what has personally happened to you.

2. Anyone can sign the 2017 U.K. Health Select Committee Petition:

Click here to sign

Activist Claire Hanley began this petition and it is on-going. It will be delivered to the UK’s Health Select Committee and states:

The horrific life-destroying implications of benzodiazepines have been known about for decades and yet the medical profession remain largely in denial of the damage. The Department of Health, the BMA, and Parliament have a duty to give justice to those whose lives have been ruined. There must be an inquiry for the sake of future generations and for those undergoing the horrific consequences of this iatrogenically induced pandemic.