1. Regardless of location, anyone can report adverse drug reactions to the appropriate governing agency for where you reside. 

W-BAD can’t possibly list or hyperlink every single agency relevant to everywhere in the world, but we believe people can easily locate the information on their own with a Google search or some minimal research. If you would like to help us to provide more links on for where to report adverse events all over the world, please contact us with the relevant information.


2. Anyone can sign the 2017 U.K. Health Select Committee Petition:

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Activist Claire Hanley began this petition and it is on-going. It will be delivered to the UK’s Health Select Committee and states:

The horrific life-destroying implications of benzodiazepines have been known about for decades and yet the medical profession remain largely in denial of the damage. The Department of Health, the BMA, and Parliament have a duty to give justice to those whose lives have been ruined. There must be an inquiry for the sake of future generations and for those undergoing the horrific consequences of this iatrogenically induced pandemic.


3. Anyone can submit a written testimony to the Scottish petition:

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The Scottish petition is still open for written submissions. Being a public petition, anyone can send in a written submission by email to

The petition clerks are processing these so as to protect people’s privacy and anonymity (if that is preferred). Text submissions can be short, just a paragraph or two, or up to approx 3 pages standard text and should not identify named individuals or establishments. For queries for the clerks, call 0131 348 5254