Formerly a hard-working employee and college student, Jan was just one semester away from obtaining her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with intentions of attending law school when she became increasingly ill and severely disabled due to medication-induced illness. Going through the worst long-term suffering and the hardest trial she could ever imagine, she realized her life had been dramatically altered and may never be the same again. But Jan knew her suffering had a deeper meaning and she has spent the last number of years of her painful healing journey (through protracted withdrawal syndrome) researching and studying the adverse health implications of benzodiazepines taken as prescribed, as well as broadening her knowledge in the areas of general health and nutrition.

Her passion surrounding this injustice of patient harm and strong empathy for victims motivated her to volunteer her time in support groups, helping those fighting through benzodiazepine injury and damage.

In addition, she has made numerous contributions to raise awareness and has had the great privilege of being involved with W-BAD. While there have been improvements, Jan is still in the healing process and is limited in life. When restored to greater health, she has hopes of becoming involved in this important cause on a higher level. Also, her experience has ignited goals of continuing education in the area of counseling so that she may offer professional support and safe alternative modes of emotional healing to those who are struggling through life.