Jenny England

Jenny is a writer and illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. Over the years she has worked as a community worker, part-time journalist as well as publishing countless articles in a variety of magazines and a number of children’s sci-fi stories. At the moment she is working on a series of articles to help spread the word about benzodiazepine dependence in Australia from her own personal struggle. Further from that she is intending to become an advocate for more natural ways of treating all kinds of C21st dis-eases.

Upon joining the W-BAD Team on 6/10/17, Jenny said:

I am 8 days benzodiazepine free so I have a lot more to get through yet but it would certainly distract me to help and there is SO little happening in Australia. I am amazed. I keep searching every day but come up with zero. This is far too important not to do anything. I am also looking into media outlets…I will keep going.

More of Jenny’s story can be read here.