Angela runs with her husband Rafael in Prospect Park, NY for W-BAD 2016

Rafael and Angela Medalla, from Hicksville, New York, are a husband and wife team of runners. They are also caregivers to a family member who was made severely iatrogenically ill from benzodiazepines (followed by a slew of other psychiatric drugs prescribed to ‘treat’ the benzodiazepine tolerance, toxicity, and withdrawal). For this reason, they are passionate about iatrogenic benzodiazepine activism and are using their talent for running to bring awareness to the W-BAD cause.

Rafael has been training long and hard and has qualified to run his first Marathon. On Sunday, November 5, 2017, he will run the TCS New York City Marathon (26.2 miles).

Angela, his wife, runs and trains alongside him wearing her W-BAD gear to bring awareness. She even had running shoes custom-made with ‘W-BAD’ written on the soles.

Angela’s W-BAD running shoes

Rafael and Angela’s goal is to use their running to raise awareness about iatrogenic benzodiazepine harms and to simultaneously fundraise to donate in support of benzodiazepine activism and awareness efforts.

You can make a donation in support of Rafael running the TCS New York City Marathon here. Thank you in advance for any support.

All donations will go towards funding completion of the As Prescribed film, a documentary-in-the-making about iatrogenic benzodiazepine injury and illness.

Angela says, “People loved my shirt. Because of the colors, I was called ‘Wonder Woman'”.(She is! Being a caregiver to someone in BZ withdrawal can take super-human strength.)

*If needed, you can contact Angela/Rafael through their GoFundMe account.