There are some documentary films (one still in production) which draw attention to the prescribed benzodiazepine problem. W-BAD is not affiliated with the films in any way, nor are the films associated with one another. They are listed here for educational and informational purposes, and in the event you would like to support and/or share them for awareness purposes.

Support the documentary-in-the-making As Prescribed, by Holly Hardman (IN PRODUCTION)


As Prescribed will make a difference! The film will open eyes to the terrible plight of benzodiazepine victims, and will make a persuasive argument for awareness and change that will reach beyond the benzo community. Upon completion, the film will travel the film festival circuit. There will also be screenings in independent theaters and public exhibition spaces across the country so that communities everywhere can learn about the benzodiazepine scourge in a setting that supports discourse and action. We will also be distributing the film to doctors and healthcare providers. Perhaps they are they ones who most need to learn about the horrors of the benzo beast, and to be presented with positive methods to make change within the medical culture.  We can also anticipate partnering with a dynamic distribution company for international television broadcast. We already have a letter of commitment from a highly-respected distribution company. As Prescribed will be available on multiple screening platforms (Amazon, iTunes, etc.) and formats (including a downloadable version and  DVDs). We will get the film out there!

We have the expertise. We have the drive and  the energy. But, like most independently-produced documentaries, we do not have all of the funding needed to complete the film. We ask for your support. If you cannot help financially, please introduce family, friends, and acquaintances who are willing to listen to you. Who would “get it”? Suggest that they contact me (hollyhardman88@gmail.comwith questions. Show them the trailer. Of course, the trailer hardly tells the whole story. The completed film, which will run between 85 – 90 minutes, will tell our tale as it needs to be told — accurately,  comprehensively, and powerfully.

We need your help. Please make a 100% tax-deductible donation to As PrescribedGo to Women Make Movies and scroll down to the As Prescribed donation link. Or send a check to our address in Massachusetts: Gobbo Films, LLC, PO Box 662, Williamstown, MA  01267.

Thank you!

Holly Hardman (As Prescribed‘s never-say-die producer/director)

Watch and share the short (3:29) trailer:


Watch (52:13) and share The Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster by Shane Kenny

This documentary tells the hidden story of how benzodiazepines can both maim and kill. The serious crippling physical side effects of these drugs can last for years after the medication is stopped, possibly permanently. Renowned expert Professor Heather Ashton compares it to the Thalidomide scandal.

Shane says,

It features the only in depth interview ever made with Heather, and there will be no other. And no similar extended interview with Prof Lader has ever been broadcast. The documentary was featured on RTE television last January and it contains the British Medical Association’s statement I got from them to mark the first World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day (W-BAD).
The documentary will be the subject of a presentation I will make at the International Symposium on Benzodiazepines in Bend, Oregon, USA September 15-17, 2017, with a viewing of the film.

The British Medical Association (BMA) approved a statement for the documentary marking the first W-BAD last year:

Benzodiazepines can cause short and long term harm to patients when their prescription and withdrawal is not carefully managed. Not enough is known about the levels of dependence and withdrawal and the level of harm that is being caused. There is also too little research about the long term effects of these drugs.

View the full film (52:13) below:

En francais: Benzodiazepines, le désastre médical 2016

More Information on journalist and broadcaster Shane Kenny and his prescribed benzodiazepine story:

Old Documentaries

Click the drop down toggles below to view documentaries exposing the dangers of benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.

Please be advised that rapid tapers are no longer considered to be a humane method of withdrawal.
Please also be advised that these documentaries are quite old, so please excuse the use of inappropriate drug abuse and addiction language used by the narrator and even the patients in the following films, because there was even less awareness of the distinction between an addiction and a dependency when the films were made. See: Addiction vs. Dependency.

The stories told feature real people experiencing BWS, dependence, tolerance, and even interdose withdrawal, and the struggles they faced with validation and cooperation from their healthcare providers.

Awareness has been attempted through eduction in this format for decades now – here is the proof. No one is sure why the problem has not been addressed to date; however, there is speculation that part of the reason why no major progress has been made is because of the confusion associated with the use of inaccurate language in describing the problem: inaccurately associating it with addiction and drug abuse. While BZDs can be abused, the major problems are with dependency and the withdrawal syndrome in people without a substance use disorder.

Dangers of Benzodiazepines, parts 1 and 2 (1987)

Part one:

Part two:

Ada v Ativan - The Cook Report (1988)

To view more documentaries, click here.

(Please note that some of the documentaries listed at the above hyperlink use inaccurate ‘addiction terminology’ to describe iatrogenic physical dependence and some of the listed films contain information about other psychotropic drugs, like SSRI antidepressants. For the important distinction between addiction and dependency, go here.)