Names of BZDs appear on these pamphlets with some information. For convenience, they can be printed on a single sheet of printer paper (front and back), however, please choose “fit to paper” while printing on standard printer paper (8.5″ x 11″), otherwise they may print at a 5″ x 7″ paper size. Not all languages are available yet.

W-BAD supports getting creative in your activism, however, please be mindful of how things are worded.

Good luck on your campaign trail, and please share all the work you have done with the #WORLDBENZODAY hashtag!

For more informational handouts, flyers and printable posters (English), please visit the handouts page.


Note: Click “fit to paper” when printing.

  • CHINESE: front back 正體中文 – 台灣. 請將這份資料列印 – 以方便您日後的參考. 正反兩面.
  • CZECH: front – back Česky. Vytiskněte tyto informace pro vaše úsilí o povědomí o benzodiazepinech. Přední a zadní strana.
  • DANISH: frontback  Dansk. Udskriv disse oplysninger for din benzodiazepin bevidsthedsindsats. For og bag.
  • DUTCH: frontback Nederlands. Druk deze informatie af en gebruik ze bij uw inspanningen om anderen bewust te maken van het benzodiazepine probleem. Voor- en achterzijde.
  • ENGLISH: frontback English. Print this information for your benzodiazepine awareness efforts. Front and back.
  • FRENCH: frontback Français. Imprimez cette information pour vos efforts de sensibilisation aux benzodiazépines. Avant et arrière.
  • GERMAN: front – back Drucken Sie den Flyer aus und engagieren Sie sich für die Aufklärungskampagne zu Benzodiazepinen. 
  • ITALIAN: frontback  Italiano. Stampa queste informazioni per i vostri sforzi di sensibilizzazione delle benzodiazepine. Fronte e retro.
  • JAPANESE: front – back このチラシをダウンロードして注意喚起の活動のためにお使いください。(内容確認の協力者:薬のチェックは命のチェック
  • POLISH: frontback Polskie. Wydrukuj te informacje dla swoich działań na rzecz świadomości benzodiazepin. Przód i tył.
  • SERBIAN: frontback  Српски. Одштампајте ове информације ради ваше боље свести о бензодијазепинима. Напред и назад.
  • SPANISH: frontback
  • SWEDISH: front – back Svenska. Skriv ut denna information för ditt arbete med upplysning om bensodiazepiner. Fram- och baksida.
  • VIETNAMESE: frontback Tiếng Việt. In thông tin này cho các nỗ lực nhận thức về benzodiazepine của bạn. Trước và sau.