Click the link above to view and save interactive Press Packet .PDF.

For reporters:

Please feel free to download W-BAD’s official public announcement to news media and beyond. We hope this will supply you with all the basic information you need about W-BAD. If you have further inquiries, please Contact Us.

W-BAD’s press packet contains topics such as:

  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why, How of W-BAD
  • W-BAD’s Mission Statement and Objectives
  • What the Benzodiazepine Problem is
  • Photographs of Some of W-BAD’s Events
  • Ways to Contact W-BAD

…and more.

Please note:

The press packet is in .PDF form and contains active hyperlinks. Click on the teal hyperlinks or, where directed, click on images throughout the press packet to link to relevant outside sources.

There is also a one-page Press Release available, announcing the launch of

For campaigners:

This press packet is designed to provide enough information so that news outlets (newspapers, editors, journalists, magazines, radio stations, online media, television) have sufficient material for publishing their own stories.

Download and distribute the Press Packet to various media to request coverage of W-BAD. For more information on contacting the media, go here.